February 3, 1787

Dear Members of Congress,

As a general who fought for our freedom, I am writing this letter to inform the Congress members that the Articles of Confederation are a disaster. Congress has created a government system that is destroying the thirteen colonies. We are supposed to be united, but each state has their own government and laws. Some of our major problems are that Congress can not collect taxes, there is no one in charge of passing laws, and that all states have different money. Congress has no choice but to change our nation and to bring our country together.

Our first problem is that Congress can not collect taxes. We are in danger of debt. The French helped us during the war, but we can not pay them back. Also, many soldiers risked their lives to fight for our freedom and we do not have anything to give them in return. Our only solution is to pass a law that everyone needs to pay taxes so our nation can be debt free and to have a strong army.

Another flaw we have is that there is no one to enforce and carry out laws and to settle agreements. Without nation wide laws, states do whatever they think is right for them. We have no court system to bring peace to arguments, this is causing chaos. We need to hire someone in charge of passing laws and enforcing laws for the whole country.

One of the many other difficulties our country is going through is that all states have different money. It is harder for states to trade and do business with each other. Citizens who travel form other states do not have the same type of money and they do not know the value of the money. Every state has to agree on one type of, so there won’t be as much confusion.

So you can see, if we do not make changes now, we will turn into a weak nation with a terrible government, but if we make some changes we will become a strong country. We need to lay down the law, take back our reputation, and prove everyone wrong. Our goal should be to stay united as one country. We definitely need to make some changes that will benefit our nation, government, and future generations.


George Washington



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