February 19, 1787

Dear Members of Congress,

As the General of the Army, I think we should change our country and make it stable. I think that the Articles of Confederation need to be altered. There are different kinds of money in each state, Congress canít even collect taxes, and the states are not getting along. The following is my proposal for change.

Congress can not collect taxes so it is harder to run the government. Now soldiers are not getting paid and we havenít even paid the other countries who have helped us. Farmers are very angry because they feel the states are taxing them too high.

Next, the states have different kinds of money. Different kinds of money make it harder to pay the soldiers because they have to trade their money. Soldiers could not always find someone to trade with. This made trading harder. So I think we should just make one kind of money.

The states are not getting along because some of the states are not paying taxes. This is bad because the soldiers are not going to get paid and the other countries that have helped us havenít gotten paid either. Now I will ask the 13 states: are we to be one county or 13 countries?




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