Philadelphia, PA
                                                                                   February 3, 1787

Dear Members of Congress,

I, George Washington, suggest that Congress needs to modify the Articles of Confederation. There are three troubles with the Articles. The first problem is that states are printing their own money. The second problem is no one is carrying out the laws, finally, the third problem is we canít give other states or soldiers money because we are in debt. I suggest that you make amendments to Articles of Confederation assist our country

States are printing their own money. There are 13 different currencies which will puzzle citizens and businesses people. The answer is to use the same money in every state. This way people will not get confused with the value of money.

Congress can pass the laws. This is harmful because people can do what ever they want. There is no order in society. It would lead to chaos. The colonies should become joined as one. Congress should be given the authority to make laws. We no need to have nine out of thirteen states to make a law. We can make it for seven out of thirteen, six out of thirteen. Congress has to make the colonies as one.

We canít pay the other states and soldiers money. The difficulty is that, if we donít pay the soldiers the soldiers wonít fight in any war. So they would lose every war they get into. The key is to make taxes. We need to make taxes to win the wars, make the laws, and use the same money in different states.

So thatís why we need to change the articles of confederation, to use 1 currency in every state, pass the laws, and win wars by paying soldiers money. So, thatís why I, George Washington, wrote this to make the thirteen countries as one.


                                                                                           George Washington


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