Philadelphia, PA

                                                                                February 4, 1787

Dear Members of Congress,

The Articles of Confederation is causing an awfully weak government and Congress must do something about it. The troubles with the Articles of Confederation is that Congress does not have the power to tax, the authority to pass a law, or have the power to declare that there is only one kind of money. The states have too much power. And since they are trading with other countries and manufacturing their own money. We are not a successful national government. I recommend we create a new organized or government. Congress and a leader are in charge. We do not want a king, but we would like a president who helps to maintain stability.

Congress does not have enough influence to pass laws, have a court, or a leader, this is a problem since the states have all the power they can trade and make treaties with other countries. If we do not have laws then the states will make their own laws or if we do not have a court system then no one will interpret these laws. We need a court system to interpret laws. We need an organization that creates the laws, and a leader that makes treaties with other countries and makes sure the laws get carried out. My solution is to create three branches of government.

Congress cannot tax states, which means we can not pay back countries for the materials that they gave us during the Revolutionary War. We are not capable of paying back the soldiers that served our country’s freedom. When states started to tax, they taxed farmers for their land, the farmers got irritated so they became part of "Shays Rebellion". Shays was one of the angry farmers. My resolution is to begin taxing states.

States are making their own currency. When someone goes to a different state they have to change their money. It is very hard to pay money for things because money has different value in different states. There should only be one kind of money, and that is Continentals.

Look into the future. Think what would happen if we did change the Articles of Confederation. We would be one nation united. The Europeans would be eager to do business with us. We must do this and if we do not, then our future will be ruined.


                                                                           General George Washington


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