February 13, 1787

Dear Members of Congress,

We currently have a weak government which is not working. I believe that the country we fought for and lost so many lives for is falling apart. We can fix and save our country if we collect taxes once a month, fix roads, lower prices, and make all money the same value in all the states. We should also have one kind of currency, lower prices, have a national court, and have someone to interpret the laws so they know what they mean. We need to amend the Articles of Confederation.

One reason that we should fix the Articles of Confederation is that Congress cannot collect taxes. This is not good because we can not build roads through all the states for better transportation. We canít pay the soldiers, let alone the foreign countries, because we cannot pay our debts. Once we can collect taxes once a month, we can fix the roads and the damage caused in the war to some places and different cities in some states. Also after the war prices became higher because of inflammation. We can fix these issues by collecting taxes from everyone.

Another problem is that every state has their own money. Trade is hard between different states. For example, if someone wants to trade with someone in South Carolina, and they live in New Jersey, that citizen in New Jersey would want New Jersey money, not South Carolina money! Some people would have a hard time figuring out the value of the money in different states. If we lower prices, all the money is the same value, and have one kind of currency all the farmers will have an easier time trading and there can be one dollar bills, five dollar bills, ten dollar bills, and maybe even a hundred dollar bills!

The last problem is there is no judicial branch. This means no one can bring criminals to justice. There are no courts. There is no one to interpret the laws and tell what the laws mean. We can fix that when we have one national court, a jail for criminals and have some people learn to interpret the laws and tell what they mean.

If we make these changes, we could have a stronger government, one kind of currency, and we can finally bring criminals to justice. If we do not make these changes we could end up as thirteen separate countries.


George Washington


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