February 3, 1787

Dear Congress,

I am writing this letter to inform you that the Articles of Confederation have caused a weak government. We have to make some changes to make our country strong. We need a court system to make laws that are properly carried out and we need the states to unite and have one form of currency.

Congress does not collect taxes, therefore our country cannot pay the money they borrowed from people and foreign countries. We will have a weak army because we cannot pay the soldiers to defend our country. We will not have enough money to support our country. It is our responsibility to pay the soldiers that have bravely fought for our country.

We have no court system to bring criminals to justice, to carry out laws, and to enforce the laws the congress pass. There was also no branch to interpret the laws. This causes a society filled with chaos. We need to straighten this out by developing branches of government to fill these gaps.

All states had different money. It makes it difficult to do business. You would have to exchange your money because you would have to go to another state and go back to where you came from. It is hard to see the value of different money because sometimes there were different languages on the money from different states. Also every other state in America should have the same type of money. That way if someone wanted to go to a different state they would not have to exchange their money there.

The Articles of Confederation caused many problems for the government and the people. We need to make changes so that Congress can carry out laws, the courts can enforce the laws and the states should have a common currency so that we can make a new nation. If we donít make changes to the Articles of Confederation, our country will fall apart and be lost. We will never become one, united country like we should be!


General George Washington

Christopher K.

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