Philadelphia, PA

February 3, 1787

Dear Members of Congress,

I George Washington believe there is a problem with the Articles of Confederation. The problems are the soldiers arenít getting paid, the states are printing their own money and you canít even carry out or interpret laws. We really have to fix this and here are some reasons.

I think the most important problem is that the soldiers arenít getting paid after they just fought a war for us. We can fix this by the states starting to print the same money and then congress start taxing them and then give the money to the soldiers because they donít want to get paid all different types of money.

Well obviously a big problem is that all the states are printing there own money. Now we canít trade stuff or build roads. You can fix this by getting the states to start printing the same money and then we can start to build roads and trade stuff for a lot of things we donít have.

Finally, my last problem is that you canít carry out or interpret laws .We can fix this by having congress making an executive branch and judicial branch (Executive branch president) (Judicial branch Supreme Court.)

That is why there is a problem with the Articles of Confederation and you should fix it so we can get a stronger government. For instance if you donít change the Articles of Confederation everybody will have power, the soldiers will go against us and the states will keep on printing different money.


                                                               General George Washington
                                                               (Alex L.)


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