February 4, 1787

Dear Members of Congress,

The Articles of Confederation are creating a lot of problems in our national government. Each state has too much power for itself and they are not collaborating with each other. The most important problem is that each state is printing its own money. Also, Congress cannot carry out or interpret laws, and they are having trouble collecting taxes.

The most important problem is that each state is printing its own money. Therefore it is very hard to go to another state and buy different clothes and food. Also if a person from a different country wants to trade with America, it will be hard to deal with so many currencies. We must fix that by creating a new law that states that every state has the same money.

Obviously, a big problem is that Congress cannot carry out or interpret laws. This is creating a big catastrophe in our country because some people may not know about a new law that has just being passed. To fix this, we must create two new branches of government. One branch should be used to interpret laws, and the other one should carry out the laws.

Finally, Congress is having trouble collecting taxes from the states. Because of this, they cannot pay the soldiers who helped us win the Revolutionary War, and they cannot pay the debts they owe to other countries. To help fix this problem, we must force all the states to pay their taxes. If they do not pay the taxes, there should be consequences.

I hope this is useful in explaining how the Articles of Confederation are making our nation weak. To help our country you must eliminate or rewrite the Articles of Confederation. This will be helpful in the future because our country would be united and we would have a very strong national government.

                                                                          George Washington


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