This is my new ending for Charlotte's Web.

     Charlotte was very sick the day after the fair. The Zuckermans and Arables went to the fair to see if they could help clean it up. They brought Wilbur with them. Wilbur walked over to Charlotte. She was in the pigpen. He noticed how ill she was and said, "Charlotte, are you all right?" "Not really," she said, "I might faint." After that, Charlotte crawled on Wilburís back and they left with the Zuckermans and the Arables to go to the farm. Charlotte fainted when they got to the pigpen. The whole barn prayed for Charlotte and she came back to life. By Annie

Isaiah A. Zoe Alyssa Muriel
Brett Damar Jordan Brandon
Justin Trevor Ria Cole
Annie Andre Caroline Fabiana
Christina Isaiah P. Colin Naoko
Bella Nitalia Basim Jacob

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