My Magical Shoes

One day when I was coloring I got a package. It was a pair of sparkly blue shoes. They sounded like a rubber ducky when I used to walk. I love them but there was a problem. My family and me didnít know how to put them on, only my sister did and she was all the way in India so I had an idea. I said I could go to India and tell her that I didnít know how to do it and then Iíll learn and come back so then I did. When I came back from India I learned how to put them on. Then I felt so happy that I wore them to school. I had so much fun with them because I was asking my mom and dad every day for new shoes but they didnít get them but I got them finally. By Ria

Isaiah Annie Murial Rishit Sofia Basim
Alyssa Bella Cole Justin Ria Trevor
Jyothsna Colin Jacob Christina Caroline Brandon
Brett Damar Jordan Rai-shan Zoe Naoko

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